Outside My Front Door | {1500 miles, 1 image}

I really like the front door we have at this house! The glass panes are pretty and let some nice light in. Across the street, my neighbor has a nice garden with a fountain and a beautiful crepe myrtle tree (you can see some of the pink blooms through the window in the photo). The architecture in this neighborhood is pretty typical of San Antonio I think.  We live on a hill and most of the houses in this neighborhood have steps leading up to the front door, some of which are spiral-type staircases. The movers were very happy to see that our house just had simple stairs. I’m sure that’s challenging enough for them though! I’m looking forward to discovering more outside our front door by taking some walks around our neighborhood once it’s a little cooler. We’ll enjoy walking around the neighborhood at Halloween and Christmas.

And here’s a bonus image of the other side of the front door, taken on my daughter’s first day of school.

August 20, 2017-ECC_7751


Please head over to Melisa’s post to see what’s outside her front door!

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