Balloon Fiesta 2017

My mother lives in Albuquerque, but we haven’t had the opportunity to attend Balloon Fiesta for several years. Once you have a school age child, travel becomes much more challenging during the school year.

But, we lucked out this year. My daughter had Fall Break that happened to fall the week of Balloon Fiesta. We didn’t have Fall Break at the last school she attended, but what a gift it was to have this week off! We were not able to take a vacation this summer due to moving and starting a new job, so we were long overdue for a little trip.October 10, 2017-ECC_8196EileenCritchley1

This year’s Balloon Fiesta was a successful one; oftentimes launches have to be delayed or postponed all together due to Albuquerque’s wind. hot_air_balloon_albuquerque_balloon_fiesta| In between the moon and you_click-Pro_daily_project_by Eileen Critchley

This year, the balloons were able to launch every day. We went out on Tuesday morning.

October 10, 2017-ECC_8189EileenCritchley1

It was early! It was cold! It was so very worth it! What an amazing sight. So many balloons-it was really incredible.

October 10, 2017-ECC_8226EileenCritchley1October 10, 2017-ECC_8213EileenCritchley1October 10, 2017-ECC_8222EileenCritchley1October 10, 2017-ECC_8215EileenCritchley1

The photos don’t do it justice. I’m so thankful we were able to go this year and visit with my mom. It truly was a wonderful week- relaxing and active, which is everything we want our travels to be.

October 10, 2017-ECC_8228EileenCritchley1


I’m already thinking about our next vacation!

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