New Year | (1500 Miles, 1 Image}

Happy 2018!

We are slowly getting back into a routine after the holiday season. This winter break felt like it went by so fast! My mom was here for a week at Christmas, which was a lovely and fun visit. For New Year’s Eve, we celebrated in our usual fashion  by staying home and ringing in the New Year from our couch. It was surprisingly cold here in South Texas, so that was the best way to spend it. Here’s one more image I took with the Christmas lights (and some New Year’s wine)!

I would love to know what your goals and resolutions are for 2018! I don’t really have any specific goals. I do want to practice my macro photography work, as I mentioned before. Also I plan to shoot more film this year, and catch up on some photography reading that has been sitting on my shelf and in my computer for a while now. Continuing to read and travel as much as possible, and to be mindful of my time- these are all works in progress for me. I look forward to seeing what the year brings for us. It’s always a nice time of year to think about what the future holds.

Happy New Year! Let’s see how Melisa celebrated New Year’s Eve.

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