A Kid Was Here | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

My daughter is a dreamer, inventor, photographer, reader, writer and artist. I love all these qualities about her. I love how creative and funny she is. She is not afraid to try new things or express herself.

Although we  try to keep clutter down in our house, we tolerate the detritus that comes along with her imagination, especially in her space. I’m really glad I have these images actually; we’ll be moving again this summer and it’s good to remember what her space was like at this moment in time, in this house. It will no doubt look different in our new home!

February 23, 2018-ECC_0460EileenCritchley1

February 23, 2018-ECC_0459EileenCritchley1

Click here to see what Melisa’s kids leave behind on their adventures.


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