Blue | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

Melisa and I decided we were feeling a little blue this week. Well, we felt like photographing something blue anyway!

This little bluebird was on a chain that I wore when I was a little girl, and lately my daughter has taken to wearing it. It looks so cute on her; a tiny little blue detail in our lives these days. I love seeing her enjoying something I had as a child.

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Closed Down | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

Our last post was “wide open” and “closed down” is the opposite of that!

These are extremes I rarely visit with my images; using a very narrow aperture as we did for this prompt is just not practical for me in my day to day photography. The only time I really close down this much is to achieve a sunburst. I shot this image at f/16 with my 35mm lens. Using a closed down aperture is a great way to get sunbursts!

Of course, the sun must come out in order to get a sunburst! That is why we skipped last week; I knew this was the sort of image I wanted to get, and of course the sun picked that week to not shine at ALL! I noticed this spot on one of my morning walks in the neighborhood and knew it would be a perfect sunburst image. I loved how the sun was shining through the crepe myrtles by a tennis court just before 8 AM. I just had to wait for the right sunny day to capture that!

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Flowers | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}


I love all flowers, but tulips are probably my favorite. I love how beautifully simple they are and the wide variety of colors they come in. I would love to have some in my garden, when/if we live somewhere where they can grow. They are a beautiful sign of spring.

Flowers are my second favorite subject to photograph after my daughter. They are always patient with me and I love photographing them and experimenting in my post processing.

(I prefer this image flipped vertically, which isn’t something I do often, and didn’t work for the featured image.)

April 19, 2018-ECC_1463-Edit


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A Kid Was Here | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

My daughter is a dreamer, inventor, photographer, reader, writer and artist. I love all these qualities about her. I love how creative and funny she is. She is not afraid to try new things or express herself.

Although we  try to keep clutter down in our house, we tolerate the detritus that comes along with her imagination, especially in her space. I’m really glad I have these images actually; we’ll be moving again this summer and it’s good to remember what her space was like at this moment in time, in this house. It will no doubt look different in our new home!

February 23, 2018-ECC_0460EileenCritchley1

February 23, 2018-ECC_0459EileenCritchley1

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Spring | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

It is definitely spring time here in South Texas. Some days it feels like we skipped spring and went straight to summer; we have had temperatures that have reached close to 90 on a few of those days! A little too hot for me for this time of year, but we’ve had our fair share of nice days too. And, of course, the good news is everything is in bloom. The bad news is,  we have allergies to go along with that!

These red bud trees are all over the place. They scream spring time to me! I love their pink blooms.

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Family Time | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

Although my husband’s work schedule and my daughter’s school schedule and homework can be very hectic, we always make time for some quiet family time before she goes to bed. Usually I will read with her for a while, and then my husband will come up to her room to talk with her and tuck her in. I love hearing her giggles from these conversations; they really crack each other up! They have a wonderful relationship and I treasure these times we have together as a family.

I know Melisa’s family has a very busy schedule too, but they also make time for each other. She how they spend their family time here.


Kid Art | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

My daughter loves to draw and I think she’s quite good at it!  We have several of the books in this series (this one is 20 Ways to Draw a Cat and 44 Other Awesome Animals); they provide a lot of inspiration for her drawing.

Also, she recently got her braces removed and is quite thrilled to be able to eat popcorn again!

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Fences | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

I was on the lookout for fences this week!

Although it may seem random, there are creative ways to photograph fences. Flickr has a surprising number of groups devoted to fences as a subject.  There are pretty and ornamental fences and gates around us, which brings me back to one of the reasons I love photography; it teaches us to observe the world in quiet and subtle ways.

This image is from our brief trip to Austin this week. The light wasn’t perfect, and this is a construction site,  but I love how the colors of spring are coming through the fence.

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Green | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

Green is one of my favorite colors.  To me, it’s a calming and refreshing color. I even have emeralds in my wedding band!

Green is starting to show up all over the place here in Texas at the moment. Spring is in the air! We have had a lot of rain and gray days this winter, so it’s nice to see some color again.

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Homework | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

My daughter’s school is, unfortunately, somewhat notorious for its homework. Most days we get through it just fine, but some days it can be a challenge. The good news is, she is learning a lot this year. One thing I have enjoyed watching her learn is Mandarin. It’s so interesting to see her writing in Mandarin and speaking some Mandarin. Also, the Mandarin homework is generally pretty mild, and that’s a bonus!

March has snuck up on me! Soon it will be Spring Break, and that means a week without homework! Yay!

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Creative Techniques | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

I love trying different things with photography. There are so many ways to push ourselves creatively. One popular technique to try is using a prism to bring interest to an image. Here I held a circular prism up to my lens. I like the effect of how it surrounds my daughter and gives the image a dreamy quality. It’s sometimes hard to predict what exactly a prism will do to an image; I took several images on this day, and this one is my favorite.

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Valentine’s Day | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

The week of Valentine’s Day is always an exciting one at our house! My daughter’s birthday is on the 12th so we spent the weekend celebrating that. Wednesday was the 24th Valentine’s Day my husband and I have spent together. Every year he buys me a dozen red roses. They are so beautiful and smell so good too. I love photographing them.

I bought my husband a Valentine’s candle (we love candles and light them every night) and we made lasagna for dinner.  It was a lovely Valentine’s Day 🙂

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