Water | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

Our theme this week is water!

Having access to a pool  in these very hot climates we seem to find ourselves in makes such a huge difference in our quality of life during the summer! Fortunately, we joined a gym here that has an amazing pool and we go swimming there several times a week.

In Phoenix, many people have a pool in their backyard, and one of the first things my husband and I did when we moved there was sign our daughter up for swim lessons. At first, she was terrified  and cried her way through the first couple of lessons. But little by little, she came to enjoy being in the water. Now she loves swimming and I love capturing her doing one of her favorite things.

July 30, 2017-IMG_5469EileenCritchley1

Please head on over to Melisa’s post to see her take on water this week!

Dinnertime | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

This week’s theme for 1500 Miles, 1 Image is “Dinnertime”.

Anyone who knows my daughter knows that she is a hamburger lover. This week, we took her to dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, HopDoddy. The burger must be cut in half just so. Dad is best at this, but I am good at some things too, such as cutting up Vitamuffins  and peaches the “right” way.

It’s funny to me that she is such a little carnivore. She must get that from her dad; I could easily be a vegetarian (although it would be hard to give up sushi!).


Please check out Melisa’s post to see her interpretation of this week’s theme! I’m looking forward to seeing what she creates this week!



My Street | {1500 Miles, 1 Image}

I have a new personal project I’m so excited about! My friend, Melisa, and I are collaborating on a photography project.

Melisa was one of my first “photography friends”. We met online on Flickr, followed each other and commented on each others’ images. She happened to live in Scottsdale at that time and I was in Phoenix. One day, I was at a splash pad with another friend, and a woman walked up to me and asked “are you on Flickr by any chance?” and introduced herself as Melisa! She recognized my daughter. I’m so thankful she introduced herself to me! Since that time, I’ve made many photography friends online (mostly through forums), but Melisa is special. She is of my closest friends now. We have been on many photography walks together and shared our lives with each other. It’s a testament to the fact that people come into our lives in all sorts of ways.

Last year, Melisa moved from Arizona to New Jersey. And, as you know,  I recently moved from Arizona to Texas. This puts us 1548 miles apart (for now!), but we stay in touch several times weekly with texting. We have both been going through a bit of a photography slump lately and thought a collaboration might help drag us out of it.

We are going to document our daily lives based on a weekly theme. We will each post one image per week based on that theme. The theme we have chosen for this week is “My Street”. Here’s my image:

July 17, 2017-ECC_7400-EditEileenCritchley1


Please go check out Melisa’s post and her blog. I love how she uses light and documents her family.

I can’t wait to see where she takes this project and  see our different perspectives.