Wildflowers | {The Serenity Project}

We were fortunate to get a little bit of rain last week. It was desperately needed and much enjoyed! It rained for almost an entire day and of course days like that make me want to do nothing but curl up with a book all day. Unfortunately, there are errands to run and it wasn’t to be a lazy day after all.

The rain brought a little beauty into our lives in the form of wildflowers in my yard. A few days after the rain storm, I noticed many of these flowers popping up across the city in the medians on the road and in yards. Texas is known for its wildflowers, and I am happy to have them in the summer! I know they won’t last long (lawn mowers don’t discriminate), but I love having their simple beauty in my yard for a little while.


This one has a teeny tiny spider web on it.

August 13, 2017-ECC_7715EileenCritchley1

They are mostly white, but I found a few yellow ones too.

August 12, 2017-ECC_7671EileenCritchley1


I’m looking forward to enjoying the wildflowers of spring, and (as it turns out) throughout the year!

The Serenity Project is a group photography project which aims to bring a sense of peace and calm in imagery. Please visit Jessica Nelson, central Maryland Wildlife Photographer to see what serenity she has found this month. I have know for sure it’s something beautiful!

A Photowalk | {The Serenity Project}

In the  quiet space between the chaos of school and homework, work and meetings, appointments and obligations, beauty and serenity can be found on a walk around town.


July 15, 2017-ECC_7357EileenCritchley1

July 15, 2017-ECC_7354EileenCritchley1

Taking a walk with my family and my camera is my favorite way to spend a morning.  It’s a great way for us to discover our city, whether we have lived there a month  or a year.

July 15, 2017-ECC_7370EileenCritchley1

I love taking photo walks. You never know what you will find.

July 15, 2017-ECC_7367EileenCritchley1

You might even find beauty under I-35!

July 15, 2017-ECC_7363EileenCritchley1

What else is summer for, if not discovering magic?

One of my goals with photography is finding a place of mindfulness, simplicity, intention and serenity with my images. I am thrilled to join the Serenity Project, a collaboration of photographers striving to capture a sense of peace and calm within their imagery. Please continue to follow the circle by visiting the talented Maria Russell and seeing what brought her some serenity this month.